Sr.No. Officer Name Designation Section Name Landline No. E-Mail I.D.
1 Shri. Ravindra H Thakare, I.A.S. Collector And District Magistrate, Nagpur 0712-2564973 / 2541511 Collector[dot]Nagpur@maharashtra[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Shri. Shrikant Phadke Additional Collector, Nagpur 0712-2565130 addllcollectorngp@gmail[dot]com
3 Shri. Ravindra H Thakare, I.A.S. (Addl. Charge) Additional Collector, U.L.C., Nagpur 0712-2560889 ulcnagpur@yahoo[dot]com
4 Shri. Ravindra Khajanji Resident Deputy Collector And Additional District Magistrate, Nagpur 0712-2565976 rdc_nagpur@rediffmail[dot]com
5 Smt. Sujata Gandhe Deputy Collector (Revenue) Revenue 0712-2565049 dycollrevenuengp@gmail[dot]com
6 Smt. Rajlaxmi Shah Deputy District Election Officer Election 0712-2541832 dydeonagpur@gmail[dot]com
7 Shri. Shirish Pande (Addl. Charge) Deputy Collector (Reception) Reception 0712-2565092 nagpurprotocol@gmail[dot]com
8 Shri. Jagadish Katkar Deputy Collector (E.G.S.) E.G.S. 0712-2561967 egsdycoll[dot]nag-mh@gov[dot]in
9 Shri. Avinash Katade (Addl. Charge) Deputy Collector (Resettlement) Resettlement 0712-2541213 drongp123@gmail[dot]com
10 Smt. Vijaya Bankar Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition General) Land Acquisition General 0712-2526840 dycollectorgeneral@gmail[dot]com
11 Shri. Dyanesh Bhat Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition P.P.1) Land Acquisition P.P.1 0712-2562968
12 Shri. Avinash Katade (Addl. Charge) Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition Pench Project) Land Acquisition Pench Project 0712-2550424 dycollectorpp2@gmail[dot]com
13 Smt. Priya Kavde, Tah. S.G.Y. (Addl. Charge) Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition K.N.P.) Land Acquisition K.N.P. 0712-2522395 dycollectorknp@gmail[dot]com
14 Shri. A. C. Kumre (Addl. Charge) Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition V.I.D.C. 1) Land Acquisition V.I.D.C. 1 0712-2561763 dycollectorlao1@gmail[dot]com
15 Smt. Shital Deshmukh Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition V.I.D.C. 2) Land Acquisition V.I.D.C. 2 0712-2560487 dycollectorlao2@gmail[dot]com
16 Shri. Ravindra Kumbhare Deputy Collector (Land Acquisition V.I.D.C. 3) Land Acquisition V.I.D.C. 3 0712-2543929 ngpvidclao3@gmail[dot]com
17 Shri. Avinash Katade Deputy Collector (Gosikhurd) Gosikhurd 0712-2532005 dycollectorgosikhurd@gmail[dot]com
18 Shri. Bhaskar Tayade District Supply Officer Supply 0712-2561106 dsaonagpur@gmail[dot]com
19 Shri. L.J. Wardekar FDO Officer 1 Supply 0712-2565521 fdo01nagpur@gmail[dot]com
20 Shri. P.S. Kale FDO Officer 2 Supply 0712-2561363 fdo2nagpur@gmail[dot]com
21 Shri. Milind P. Barhanpurkar District Mining Officer Mining minnagpur@gmail[dot]com
22 Shri. Naringe District Plannig Officer Plannig 0712-2560071 dponagpur@yahoo[dot]com
23 Shri. Pradip Kapse Superintendent, Collector Office, Nagpur Establishment, Finance, Etc. 0712-2562972 collectorngp@gmail[dot]com
24 Shri. Anil Khadatkar Tahsildar (Revenue) Revenue 0712-2565049 dycollrevenuengp@gmail[dot]com
25 Shri. Jayant Pohankar Tahsildar (General) General, Home rdc_nagpur@rediffmail[dot]com
26 Shri. Jayant Pohankar (Addl.) Tahsildar (Election) Election 0712-2541832 dydeonagpur@gmail[dot]com
27 Smt. Lina M. Flake Tahsildar (Nazul) Nazul dycollectornazulngp@gmail[dot]com
28 Smt. Priya Kavde (Addl.) Tahsildar, S.G.Y. (Nagpur District) S.G.Y. 0712-2542531 tahsgycollngp@gmail[dot]com
29 Smt. Priya Kavde Tahsildar, S.G.Y. (N.M.C. Area) S.G.Y. 0712-2542531 tahsgynmcngp@gmail[dot]com
30 Shri. Jivan Bansode Tahsildar, Non Agriculture No.5(4) Non Agriculture tahsildarngpcity@gmail[dot]com
31 Smt. Ujwala Telmasre Assistant District Supply Officer Supply 0712-2561106 dsaonagpur@gmail[dot]com
32 Smt. Swati Kakade Superintendent, Excise duty 0712-2565971 superintendentstateexcisengp@gmail[dot]com
33 Major(Dr) Shilpa Kharapkar Secretary, District Soldier Welfare Officer 0712-2561133 zswo_nagpur@mahasainik[dot]com
34 District Disaster Management Officer, Nagpur Disaster Management 0712-2562668 rdc_nagpur@rediffmail[dot]com