Lake garden Sakkardara:

If one has to look for a place to enjoy the wonders of nature besides indulging in lazy relaxation, there is no better place than Lake Garden Sakkardara for that purpose. Serving as a great destination to make any weekend worthwhile, Lake Garden Sakkardara is an amazing place to hit on leisure holidays. This garden has a great 5 expanse of playing fields. Also, the scenic beauty of the garden is its unique selling point. Situated on the shores of Sakkardara Lake, the garden borrows a lot of beauty from the lovely sunset and sunrise at the lake, which are a must watch. As the lake is nearby, the ambience of the garden is amplified multiple times in terms of beauty and always remains cool, be it day or night.

  • Sakkardara Lake Sunset view
  • Sakkardara lake with boating
  • Sakkardara Lake Sunset
  • Sakkardara with boating

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport is Nagpur

By Train

Nearest railway station is Nagpur.